CHCI in Africa

In 2016, CHCI undertook a new collaborative and international research project in the humanities with a regional focus on Africa. That ongoing initiative is comprised of two projects: a mapping of the Humanities in Africa and the creation of CHCI Africa Humanities Workshops involving scholars from throughout the African continent and around the world. The whole project is conceived simultaneously as both regional and as a fundamental element of engagement in a globalizing world. Articles and interviews within this series highlight the people and events that have contributed to this initiative as well as its legacies.

Ideas from Africa • Episode 4, Global South, Africa, CHCI, Podcasts

Astonishing African Futures

This fourth and final episode of Ideas from Africa asks how do African science fiction writers tell stories about their own imagined future?

Environment, Conference, Africa, Global Humanities Institutes, Early-career

Pauline Strong: On the CHCI/Mellon Global Humanities Institute on Climate Justice and Problems of Scale

An interview with Pauline Strong, former director of the University of Texas Humanities Institute, reflecting on the CHCI/Mellon Global Humanities Institute on Climate Justice and Problems of Scale hosted at the University of Pretoria July 29th - August 7th, 2022.

Ideas from Africa • Episode 3, Global South, Africa, CHCI, Podcasts

Decolonizing the Mind

This third episode of Ideas from Africa explores what "decolonizing the mind" portends for African writers, thinkers, and revolutionaries as well as its global significance in the twenty-first century.

Global South, Africa, Africa Humanities Workshop

Music and the Remaking of the World: An Interview with Valmont Layne

In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Layne sat down with journalists Steve Paulson and Anne Strainchamps (hosts of To The Best of Our Knowledge) at a CHCI-sponsored institute on the Humanities throughout Africa. In the conversation that follows, Layne discusses growing up under apartheid, the role of music in activism against that regime, and the poignant histories of jazz, goema, and carnival.