Voices from the Global Humanities

VOICES allow us to speak with each other. Some technologies may make the world feel small, but, on a human scale, the earth is still aweing in its immensity and complex diversity. With CHCI members, projects, and events spanning the globe’s continents and communities, the ability to hear each other’s voices can help to connect our vibrant community by keeping us up to date with one another’s thoughts, challenges, and efforts to explore and to enrich the humanities everywhere.

The audio programs included in these series have been created for everyone as an invitation to think about some of the most substantial questions present in the world today. For its inaugural series, CHCI has partnered with the radio show and podcast To the Best of Our Knowledge in order to connect you with conversations from all around the world.

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Ideas from Africa • Episode 4, Global South, Africa, CHCI, Podcasts

Astonishing African Futures

This fourth and final episode of Ideas from Africa asks how do African science fiction writers tell stories about their own imagined future?

Environment, Podcasts

Coastal Communities and Justice

Craig Eley speaks with Emily Brady (Melbern G. Glasscock Center for Humanities Research - Texas A&M University) about the Coastal Communities and Justice program.

Ideas from Africa • Episode 3, Global South, Africa, CHCI, Podcasts

Decolonizing the Mind

This third episode of Ideas from Africa explores what "decolonizing the mind" portends for African writers, thinkers, and revolutionaries as well as its global significance in the twenty-first century.

Public Humanities, Podcasts

Humanities Responders

Craig Eley speaks with Aaron Fai (Center for the Humanities - UW-Madison) about the Humanities Responders program.