Centering The Humanities Across The Globe

The Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes is a global forum that strengthens the work of humanities centers and institutes through advocacy, grant-making, and inclusive collaboration. CHCI advances cross-institutional partnerships, recognizes regional humanities cultures, and mobilizes the collective capacity of the humanities to engage the most pressing issues in society today.

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Introducing CHCI Initiatives

This new and expansive framework marks a significant leap forward in our consortium's collective endeavor to champion and facilitate global humanities research, address urgent global challenges, and reorient the mission of universities worldwide. Read our introductory letter to the CHCI membership and explore the call for participation. We will host two Initiatives online information sessions in the second half of September 2024.

Annual Report 2023-24

CHCI is thrilled to present our 2023-2024 Annual Report, which includes a letter from President Stephen Best and a preview of the year ahead.


Global Humanities Institute 2025: Indigenous Mobilities, Tourism, and Racial Capitalism

This GHI will explore how Indigenous communities creatively respond to the cascading effects of mega-development projects and mass tourism—such as neglect of local needs, dispossession and displacement, destruction of local ecosystems, and other consequences—at various sites around the world.