Any humanities center or institute - and any organization that operates as a center for activity in the humanities - is welcome to join CHCI and enjoy the benefits of membership. Please fill out and submit the form below, and we will contact you with instructions for how to pay annual dues. All members are included in our directory, and memberships become valid as soon as we receive confirmation of your intent to join. Please note that our memberships are organizational, not individual. Only centers, institutes or other relevant organizations may join. Membership runs for the calendar year (January to December); renewal notices are typically sent in November. Please email with questions about membership.

Complete organization name as you wish it to appear in our directory
Complete "parent" institution name (such as your university, if applicable)
(if different from mailing address above)
Director's name and title as you wish it to appear in our directory
Contact information for up to three administrators other than the Director, such as Associate or Assistant Directors and other professional staff (name, title, academic title if applicable, and email address)
A mission statement or organization description
Information on any annual, recurring fellowships you may offer
Please briefly describe the associated CHCI-funded project or CHCI Network that is providing you this complimentary three-year membership.

The four tiers are based on the annual budget of the member organization:

Member Annual Budget Membership Tier Membership Dues
< $50,000 1 $200
$50,000 - $250,000 2 $600
> $250,000 3 $1000
< $50,000 0 Complimentary for three years

Membership Tier 0 is a no-cost tier of our membership for members who are (1) actively collaborating on CHCI-funded projects and who are also within our Tier 1 of membership (annual budget of under $50,000 USD); or (2) provided a complimentary membership by a CHCI Network, which can provide up to three complimentary memberships to its members per calendar year. A tier zero membership lasts for three years or as long as the member remains active on a CHCI-sponsored project. CHCI staff will be in touch with CHCI Networks to track and confirm the remaining annual number of complimentary memberships they have to provide. CHCI members joining under Tier 0 will not be publicly identified as complimentary members and will enjoy the full benefits of CHCI membership.