New Global Europe

In December 2017, the CHCI Advisory Board met and convened a special meeting at the American Academy in Berlin to hear from leading academics, artists, and activists working on issues of immigration, academic freedom, and arts education in Europe. This one-day symposium on the “New Global Europe” included talks by academics directly engaged with the challenges of nationalism and populism in Poland, Hungary, and Turkey; the political, cultural and theoretical implications the refugee “crisis”; and the creation of arts initiatives that reflect new possibilities of cultural life in Berlin.

New Global Europe

The Landscape of a Crisis: A Conversation with Homi Bhabha, Dilip Gaonkar, and Shalini Randeria

This recorded panel discussion features three scholars focused on the rhetoric and politics of democracy and global movements: Homi Bhabha, Shalini Randeria, and Dilip Gaonkar.

New Global Europe, Europe

CHCI’s New Global Europe Symposium in Pictures

In early December, the American Academy in Berlin hosted a special CHCI symposium on the "New Global Europe" featuring speakers from Hungary, Poland, Turkey, and Berlin. Here's a collection of photos from that day.