Humanities centers can’t mitigate all the shortcomings or fill in all the gaps of current doctoral training, but they could do more. That will require envisioning future roles and taking on new functions to realize them.

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Religion and Secularism, RelSec Keywords

Religion and Secularism Keywords: Introduction

Can research in the global humanities secure its claim to genuine globality without falling into a specious universalism? Lee Medevoi introduces one aspect of the Religion, Secularism, and Political Belonging project: a series of lexical entries, or keywords, each written by members of a different institution.

Religion and Secularism, RelSec Keywords

Keyword: Civil Religion in Chinese History

In this keywords entry, Poo Mu-choo examines civil religion in the context of Chinese history, which gives us a chance to reconsider the concept of civil religion itself, as well as its usefulness in the study of history and society, ancient or modern.

Religion and Secularism, RelSec Keywords

Keyword: Faith

In a keyword entry on "faith," Ori Goldberg explores the two main dynamics through which faith engenders political belonging: universalism and ideology.

Religion and Secularism, RelSec Keywords

Keyword: Science

In his entry for our Religion and Secularism series, John Smyth outlines some of the complex relations between religion and science, from the Dalai Lama to Bruno Latour.