Ideas from Africa

Ideas from Africa brings to you current scholarship, personal stories, and diverse soundscapes focused on redefining understandings of Africa’s multiple pasts and possible futures. Urbanization, music, Afro-futurist literature, sexuality, and the hard task of decolonizing our minds are all part of this dynamic series.

Most of the audio that you will hear was recorded in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, during one of CHCI’s African Humanities Workshops entitled Africa as Method and Concept, which took place in January 2019. That event brought together leading scholars, celebrated artists, and emerging academics from across the continent as well as the world, each with profound intellectual and individual ties to various parts of Africa and to the humanities. This series, produced in partnership with the radio show and podcast To the Best of Our Knowledge, is the first in a larger CHCI initiative to highlight and to share meaningful scholarship in the humanities from around the world with an equally global audience.

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Ideas from Africa • Episode 4, Global South, Africa, CHCI, Podcasts

Astonishing African Futures

This fourth and final episode of Ideas from Africa asks how do African science fiction writers tell stories about their own imagined future?

Ideas from Africa • Episode 3, Global South, Africa, CHCI, Podcasts

Decolonizing the Mind

This third episode of Ideas from Africa explores what "decolonizing the mind" portends for African writers, thinkers, and revolutionaries as well as its global significance in the twenty-first century.

Ideas from Africa • Episode 2

Jazz Migrations

In this second episode of Ideas from Africa Anne Strainchamps and Steve Paulson, producers and hosts of To the Best of Our Knowledge, explore an alternate history of jazz, its origins, and global travels.

Ideas from Africa • Episode 1

Urban Africa

In this inaugural episode of the series “Ideas from Africa,” journalists Steve Paulson and Anne Strainchamps, producers and hosts of To the Best of our Knowledge, guide listeners through the humming streets and intersecting conceptualizations of urban life on the continent.