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Engaging Diverse Rural Audiences in West Virginia: An Interview with Renée K. Nicholson

An interview with Renée K. Nicholson, director of West Virginia University's Humanities Center, on making inroads into rural communities, and embracing creative and unconventional pathways in the humanities as a young humanities center.

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Humanities Responders

Craig Eley speaks with Aaron Fai (Center for the Humanities - UW-Madison) about the Humanities Responders program.

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Craig Eley talks with Jean Allman, director of the Center for the Humanities at Washington University in St. Louis, about "Life/Lines," a project that gave participants a daily poetry prompt.

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Introducing Voices

The new podcast Voices from the Global Humanities features the research outcomes of CHCI’s recent regional and global humanities projects. In representing the knowledge and insight borne of collaborative work across continents and disciplines, which has become one of CHCI’s signature projects, Voices from the Global Humanities is itself an outcome of these collaborations: it is CHCI’s first major public humanities project.