Can research in the global humanities secure its claim to genuine globality without falling into a specious universalism? Lee Medevoi introduces one aspect of the Religion, Secularism, and Political Belonging project: a series of lexical entries, or keywords, each written by members of a different institution.

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Religion and Secularism, RelSec Keywords

Keyword: Nationalism

The supposed neutrality of nationalism with regards to religious matters, and the belief that nationalism constituted ‘progress’ over and against other forms of political organization, has deep and deeply problematic roots with Western expansionism and colonialism.

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Welcome to IDEAS

IDEAS is a new platform for CHCI, reflecting the current state of the Consortium. Sara Guyer explains how CHCI always has been devoted to ideas—new and old, familiar and strange—opening a rare space in which experimentation in institutional forms and forms of knowledge overlaps.

Medical Humanities, Call for Connections

Doing Medical Humanities without a Medical School

Esther Jones of Clark University has been doing medical humanities at a small college without a medical school and wants to know who else is out there.


Why Fund Humanities Research?

In remarks delivered at the Jackman Humanities Center, Michael Bérubé argues that the long-term structural vulnerability of the humanities is exacerbated by the fact that there is no widely accepted rationale for research in the humanities.