Patio Conversations

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On each full day of the Annual Meeting, we will offer informal conversations facilitated by our members on topics of mutual interest. What are your programmatic priorities as a humanities center director or staff member? What attendees would you like to meet and form a connection with? What topics do you see underrepresented in our conference program?

These conversations will take place at the conference venue during either breakfast or lunch. We encourage you to view the conversation series from last year's Annual Meeting here. Also note that there will be sessions during the conference program devoted to humanities administration and best practices, as well as sessions from select CHCI Networks, including the CHCI Public Humanities Network and the CHCI Critical Humanities Spaces Network.

Proposal Submissions

Deadline: May 20, 2024

To submit a proposal for a Patio Conversation, please provide a title and a description of 200 words max along with the names, positions, and institutions of the facilitators. We recommend 1-2 facilitators per conversation. You are welcome to state your preference on the date and time of your conversation and we will try our best to accommodate. We envision this program as non-competitive and we will try and create the space for all who wish to facilitate a conversation. Please email your proposal to by May 20, 2024. We will update the schedule below with accepted proposals as we receive and schedule them.


We will update the schedule as we receive proposals.