CHCI Member Network Project Fund

Established in recent years as a new component in CHCI’s overall program, CHCI Member Networks are affinity groups organized around shared issues, themes, operational concerns, or other foci.

Current CHCI Member Networks are:

While these Networks are organized and driven by members, CHCI may provide various forms of support, including meeting time and space at Annual Meetings and funding for projects. At the 2013 CHCI Annual Meeting, the following new parameters for funding were announced:

  • Member Networks are invited to apply for a CHCI Member Network Project Fund grant of up to US$20,000.
  • The CHCI Advisory Board will review proposals and select projects for funding.
  • Networks currently receiving US$5,000 per year for three years, under CHCI’s earlier policy, may continue to receive this funding until their current three-year term concludes, after which the $5,000 funding model will sunset in favor of the new $20,000 model.
  • Networks currently receiving $5,000 per year may apply for the new $20,000 CHCI Network Project funding; if they are awarded this grant, their current (this year) and any future $5,000 installments will be folded into the $20,000.
  • Potential number of awards is four. [As of October 2014, two partial awards of $10,000 each were made to two projects associated with the same network, Public Humanities.]

Proposal Requirements

Cover Letter

A one-page cover letter written on a CHCI Member Institution letterhead should accompany the final proposal and contain the following:

  • Name and address of principal investigator or project leaders
  • Brief project summary and title
  • Amount of funding sought
  • Period when funding is expected to be used
  • How funding will be used
  • Contact information for the collaborating institutions and individuals

Proposal Narrative

Applicants should submit a concise proposal of no more than three pages explaining the following:

  • the project and its purpose
  • how Member Institutions involved will collaborate with each other
  • how each Member Institution will be involved in the various parts of the project
  • a schedule of major activities
  • a budget
  • outcomes and other deliverables you expect from this project


Please submit in PDF format to, or mail hard copies to the following address:

CHCI Member Network Project Fund Application
Center for the Humanities
432 East Campus Mall
Madison, WI 53706-1496