Medical Humanities Network

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The Medical Humanities Network arises from the CHCI Mellon grant for work in the medical humanities (2013–2016). As part of that grant (which also funds research projects at six different CHCI member centers), we have created an interactive website and held two summer institutes on and for medical humanities, with a third coming in the summer of 2017. In the fall of 2015, we applied to become a CHCI recognized network in order to sustain the relationships that have been built during the Mellon grant period and to continue our fruitful collaborations.

Under the auspices of the CHCI Mellon grant, the Dartmouth Medical Humanities Summer Institute took place in July 2015 and was attended by more than 60 delegates from other CHCI-member centers and institutes worldwide. The excitement generated by this event and the enthusiasm of the collaborators on four continents who are working on the Mellon project have convinced us that medical humanities is a robust and growing field and that many humanities centers are deeply involved in the promotion of medical humanities. We believe that CHCI can provide a crucial crossroads that will enable us to support the work of various centers in this field by providing ample opportunities for developing and keeping the lines of communication open while looking for productive ways to collaborate.

The CHCI Medical Humanities Network has three primary goals:

  1. To continue to maintain contacts among scholars and health care practitioners in the field of medical humanities among the various members of CHCI. Simply sharing information about curricular developments and innovations, about ongoing research projects, and about institutional models for cross-disciplinary collaborations has proved invaluable over the past several years.
  2. To maintain our interactive and collective website, as both a source of information about funding opportunities and ongoing work, and a site for active collaboration.
  3. To develop ways, including proposals for grant funding, to encourage and support work in the medical humanities.

Steering Committee

Eileen Gillooly, Heyman Center for the Humanities, Columbia University

Brian Hurwitz, Centre for the Humanities and Health, King’s College London

Deborah Jenson, Franklin Humanities Institute, Duke University

John McGowan, Institute for the Arts and Humanities, University of North Carolina

Additional CHCI Participants

Franklin Humanities Institute, Duke University

Leslie Center for the Humanities, Dartmouth

Simpson Center, University of Washington

WISER, University of Witswatersrand

Institute for the Arts and Humanities, University of North Carolina

Heyman Center for the Humanities, Columbia University

Centre for the Humanities and Health, King’s College London

Research Institute for the Humanities, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Institute for Advanced Study, University of Minnesota

Center for the Humanities and the Public Sphere, University of Florida

Society for the Humanities, Cornell University

Institute of the Humanities and Global Cultures, University of Virginia

Institute for Humanities Research, Arizona State University

Institute for the Study of Religion and Culture, University of Arizona

Arts and Humanities Center for Synergy, University of Maryland

Humanities Institute, Wake Forest University

Higgins School of Humanities, Clark University