Environmental Humanities (Inactive)

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The CHCI Environmental Humanities Network is currently inactive. If you have interest in this Network and/or joining its re-launch, please contact us at info@chcinetwork.org.

The CHCI member network Humanities for the Environment serves as a network and resource for centers to develop (or extend) programming, research and dialogue related to contemporary environmental challenges. Many of our CHCI centers have done substantial work in these and related areas already; humanists and artists have long engaged issues related to sustainability, climate change, and the human/environment relationship as a whole.

The HfE Network incubated one of CHCI's major collaborative projects, which won funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation for the period 2013-2015. This exciting international collaboration, organized in regional Observatories around the globe, has produced innovative conferences, workshops, courses, and publications, including a comprehensive website in which all the project partners continue to share their work: http://hfe-observatories.org/

The Network was founded by the following Steering Committee.

Participating CHCI Member Organizations