Asian New Humanities Network

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As CHCI evolved into an increasingly global organization by expanding into the Asian continent, new affiliations and collaborations with Asian regional networks have been fostered and nurtured. Starting with the first CHCI Board Meeting held in Asia (Hong Kong) in the fall of 2011 and then gaining further momentum through the affiliation of the CHCI with the regional network Asian New Humanities Network (ANHN), the first CHCI Annual Meeting held in Hong Kong in June 2014 and finally the summer institute collaboration with the CCK Foundation, an “Asian Wind” has created a new collaborative environment within the CHCI.

In June 2016, the CHCI International Advisory Board approved the creation of an Asian and global humanities network, and started providing support for its activities in 2017, with a CHCI representation at the 14th annual conference of the Asia New Humanities Network, in Shanghai.