Public Humanities Network

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The CHCI Public Humanities Network is intended to serve as a network node for member activity in this increasingly important area in the work of our centers and institutes. The first meeting of the network took place at our 2013 Annual Meeting, Humanities, Publics, and the State, at the University of Kansas, 25-27 April 2013. The network is interested in questions facing many of our members in a wide range of institutional and national contexts, such as:

  • What is/are “public humanities”? How might it/they relate to “Academic and Civic” initiatives underway in European Universities or to other related projects in other national and regional settings?
  • What do we mean by the public(s) of the public humanities? What are the key realms of our civic academic life?
  • How are active collaborations with these civic domains/ publics/constituents best established? How might we best foster collaborations locally, regionally, and internationally between centers and institutes wishing to pursue these questions?
  • How might a “Public Humanities/Academic and the Civic” initiative help us to address the growing emphasis on “impact,” usefulness, etc. by our various governing bodies/assessment agents?
  • How might a “Public Humanities/Academic and the Civic” initiative further conversations on the nature of academic “publication”?

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about this Network.