2023 Annual Meeting Keynote Speakers

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Verónica Gago


Verónica Gago teaches political science at the Universidad de Buenos Aires and is a Professor of Sociology at the Instituto de Altos Estudios, Universidad Nacional de San Martin. She is the author of Feminist International (Verso, 2020) and is co-author of A Feminist Reading of Debt, with Luci Cavallero (Pluto Press 2021). She is a feminist activist and member of the Ni Una Menos Collective.

Sandro Mezzadra


Sandro Mezzadra teaches political theory at the University of Bologna. His recent work has centered on the relations between globalization, migration and capitalism, and his latest book is The Politics of Operations. Excavating Contemporary Capitalism (Duke University Press, 2019).

María del Rosario Acosta López


María del Rosario Acosta López is professor of Hispanic Studies at UC Riverside, and researches Romanticism and German Idealism as well as Decolonial and Latin American studies. She conducts work on historical memory with survivors of police torture in Chicago and with survivors of political violence in Colombia. This work has informed her current book project, Grammars of Listening: Philosophical Approaches to Memory after Trauma.