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Public Humanities Award for Leadership in Practice and Community

The Public Humanities Network is pleased to announce a new opportunity for members of the CHCI.

The Public Humanities Award for Leadership in Practice and Community is open for submissions, with a closing date of January 31, 2024. Awardee centers and institutes will be recognized at the upcoming Annual Meeting.

Public Humanities Award for Leadership in Practice and Community

The Public Humanities Network of the CHCI represents a global community of centers and institutes engaged in building research through partnership. The public humanities are a diverse and growing field of inquiry, distributed across many kinds of communities. The Public Humanities Network would like to recognize and celebrate examples of this work by an annual award for leadership in practice and community. The award will be made to the nominating center or institute on behalf of the project they submit.


Center and institute directors who are members of the CHCI may nominate a project they would like to be considered for this award by a subcommittee of active members of the network, the membership of which will be renewed each year.

Nominated projects must include one partner who is a current member of the CHCI. The nominated project need not have the relevant center or institute director as the individual who submits the proposal in the event that the nominated project is led by a different faculty or staff member.


The subcommittee members will make their decisions in relation to the information supplied in the three-page proposal below. If you are interested in submitting a project and would like to learn more about the diverse ways the public humanities understand public engagement, partnership, and project building across institutional boundaries, you may find the following resources helpful. Proposals may come from other domains than the humanities so long as they have a key humanities component in their practice.

If you have a question about eligibility please contact Aaron Fai at

How to apply

Please submit a three page proposal to listing:

  • The title, description, and details of the project you and your partners would like to be considered
  • The methodology and practice you and your partners evolved to build the project
  • Perspectives you and your partners would share with network members about the project
  • Lessons you and your partners learned from the project about building mutual relationships
  • Findings you and your partners have made on the impact your project might have on the future with regard to sustainability, policy or grant-making
  • Plans you and your partners have for the future for subsequent work


  • Each center or institute should submit its proposal by January 31, 2024
  • All proposals will be considered by the appointed subcommittee of active members of the Public Humanities Network
  • Selection of up to three awards to be notified by mid-March, 2024
  • Public announcement to be made in advance of the annual meeting
  • Selected projects will be recognized in the annual meeting

As always,

Nicholas Allen, University of Georgia
Ulka Anjaria, Brandeis University
John Arroyo, University of California - San Diego
Jessica Berman, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Joshua Calhoun, University of Wisconsin - Madison
James Ellis, University of Calgary
Teresa Mangum, University of Iowa

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