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Medical Posthumanities: Reassessing and Reimagining the Human

I'm pleased to relay to you the publication of a new special issue at interconnections: journal of posthumanism on the subject of "Medical Posthumanities." The table of contents, complete with links to articles, below. I'm certain many of you will find this useful for your teaching and scholarship!

- Arden Hegele, Columbia University, CHCI Health and Medical Humanities Network

Introduction: Medical Posthumanities - Reassessing and Reimagining the Human

Rosalind Crocker, Mary Dawson, Eva Surawy Stepney , Shauna Walker

Disability and the Medical Posthumanities

Dan Goodley

'Thinking with Sticks': Autistic Life Narratives and their Material Components

Sarinah O'Donoghue

“Thank you for the Nurture”: Kinship and Technological Posthumanism in Orphan Black

Katie Tobin

Reimagining Medical Encounters and Intimacies: The slip of the tongue, the motif of the worm

Olivia Turner

A Posthuman Perspective on Nursing: In Conversation with Jamie Smith and Eva Willis

Rosalind Crocker, Mary Dawson, Jamie B Smith, Eva Surawy Stepney, Shauna Walker, Eva Willis

The good death and discovering a posthuman medical practice

Vanessa Ashall

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