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UIC Institute for Humanities Announces New Director

UIC is delighted to announce that Professor Mark Canuel will be the new Director of the UIC Institute for the Humanities. Professor Canuel is a member of the English Department with research interests focusing primarily on British Romanticism and Critical Theory. His many publications weave together literature, politics, history, and philosophy, and he has established a longstanding interdisciplinary approach to scholarship which reflects his deep interest in the ways in which the humanities matter in our public life. He is the recipient of the Silver Circle Teaching Award, has served in numerous administrative roles on campus, including as Head of the English Department, and currently serves on the Executive Committee for the British Romantic Period for the Modern Language Association (MLA). We hope that you will join us in giving Professor Canuel a warm welcome as he takes over the leadership of this intellectually vibrant, interdisciplinary, community of scholars.

We look forward to welcoming the CHCI community to Institute programs this year.  All events and updates will be posted to the website: