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The Critical Tasks of the University: June 22-24, 2017 in Bologna

This conference will be the first meeting of the Mellon-funded conference cycle of the International Consortium of Critical Theory Programs. The focus of this conference will be “The Critical Tasks of the University” and will evaluate the prevailing metrics of value that increasingly structure and restrict the university in various global locations and to understand how critical thought or more robust notions of “critique” can inform and enliven our contemporary reflections on valuable ways of knowing. As important as it is to support the study of critical theory in the university, it is also crucial to defend the university as a valued site for critical thinking in public life. Taking up issues of censorship, the suppression of dissenting views, the devaluation of the humanities and arts, and the new metrics of excellence, this meeting will consider how the critical humanities might reflect anew on the public obligations of the university as well as the need to safeguard the university as a site for critical reflections on pressing issues of public concern.

Entrance to the conference is free, but the seating capacity is limited.

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