Call for Membership Committee Members for 2024-2026

Nomination Deadline: Jan 15, 2024

The CHCI Membership Committee, which designed the guidelines for the Membership Activity Fund and leads the selection process for applications, seeks two new members from the CHCI membership. Directors and staff from humanities centers and institutes belonging to the CHCI membership are eligible to join this committee, and in particular we seek associate/managing directors and officers from under-resourced and/or underrepresented institutions. This is currently the only CHCI board-appointed committee to include non-board members as decision-makers.

The two new members will serve a two-year term from Jan 2024-Dec 2026, and will serve alongside current committee members for one Membership Activity Fund selection cycle (approx. Jan-Jun 2024). The committee's scope of responsibilities include a general consideration of CHCI members' experience of their membership, and future projects will go beyond the Membership Activity Fund.

Nominations and self-nominations to this committee may contact Aaron Fai, CHCI Membership and Diversity Officer, at, with the nominee's name, position, institution, and a general description of the individual's interest in supporting the CHCI membership, in no more than 300 words. We thank you in advance for your nominations!