Call for Leadership: Administration Network Re-launch

This coming year, CHCI is committed to re-establishing this network as a home for humanities center and institute staff to discuss issues of administration, including leadership and best practices in operations. We value this network as a core part of CHCI and it will be sustained by the board and staff. The steering committee will be occupied by at least one board member and one staff member in addition to individuals from the membership.

We imagine the flagship programs of this reformulated network to include (1) a listserv that will serve as a hotline for center and institute staff to field immediate administrative questions and obstacles, and (2) a one-on-one peer mentorship program for new staff. Additionally, this network will help shape the program for member-led oriented programming at each Annual Meeting, as well as hold other events throughout the year as desired.

Call for Steering Committee Members: Deadline February 5, 2024
The members of this steering committee will play a critical role in shaping the future identity of the Administration Network, including the design and implementation of its flagship programs. We expect the committee to meet virtually twice between February and May 2024, with most committee work accomplished asynchronously.

Nominations and self-nominations may contact Aaron Fai, CHCI Membership and Diversity Officer, at, with the nominee's name, position, institution, and a general description of the individual's qualifications and interest in supporting this Network, in no more than 300 words. All CHCI member center or institute staff members are eligible for this opportunity, and we especially look forward to nominations and self-nominations for associate and managing directors/officers. We thank you in advance for your nominations!