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Holly A. Crocker Professor, Department of English Language and Literature

Associate Director

Maureen Ryan

Business Manager

Leigh-Ann Hansell


The mission of the Humanities Collaborative at the University of South Carolina is to advance interdisciplinary humanistic inquiry by initiating new collaborations and supporting ongoing programs among faculty, students, and members of the public.

The Humanities Collaborative takes a wide view of humanistic inquiry, including research and conversations that cross disciplines, schools, and the academic / public divide. Our programs include intellectual, creative, and investigative endeavors that span traditional humanities disciplines, the creative and performing arts, the social and natural sciences, as well as questions that arise from schools such as law, business, medicine, and public health. Our programs are part of a new vision of the humanities that includes public outreach and community collaboration with partners across our state, the US, and the world.

Founded in January, 2021, the Humanities Collaborative sponsors grants, lectures, workshops, seminars, and working groups to bring humanities scholarship to broad and diverse audiences within and beyond inside and outside the University of South Carolina.