Trinity Long Room Hub Arts and Humanities Research Institute
Trinity College Dublin

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Eve Patten Professor

Executive Director

Caitriona Curtis
Eva Mulhause


The Trinity Long Room Hub is the research institute at Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin, dedicated to supporting research excellence and advancing interdisciplinary and collaborative research in the Arts and Humanities.

The institute is comprised of a community of researchers drawn from the university's nine Arts and Humanities Schools as well as the Library. It supports and promotes the work of these researchers in contributing to a greater understanding of the evolution and complexity of human thought, behaviour and creative expression, and how it shapes cultures and societies throughout history and for our time.

The work of the institute is organised around a number of key research themes (currently Digital Humanities, Identities in Transformation, Creative Arts Practice, Making Ireland, and Manuscript, Book and Print Cultures). It supports the delivery of research on major questions facing society through a variety of means such as: Visiting Research Fellowships; Research Incentive Schemes; Research Conferences and Workshops; Public Events; and annually supporting 44 of the Schools' most outstanding PhD students and postdoctoral fellows. It is home to several EU and Mellon funded funded research projects, mainly in the area of Digital Humanities and Environmental Humanities.