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Roland Greene Anthony P. Meier Family Professor in the Humanities; Professor of English and Comparative Literature

Associate Director

Helen Malko

Assistant Director

Susan Sebbard

Fellowship Program Manager

Kelda Jamison


Established in 1980, the Stanford Humanities Center sponsors advanced research in the humanities and the interpretive social sciences by investing in experiences—fellowships, workshops, lectures, and other events—that enrich research in and across the disciplines. 

**Fellowships**: Approximately 40 fellowships for Stanford and non-Stanford scholars at different career stages—including faculty, postdoctoral scholars, graduate and undergraduate students—giving them the opportunity to pursue their work in a supportive intellectual community.

**Research Workshops**: Interdisciplinary groups of Stanford faculty, advanced graduate students, visiting scholars, and those at other local institutions come together in a collegial setting to share works in progress, investigate questions that cross boundaries, and explore new areas of inquiry.

**International Visitorships**: Short-term fellowships (by nomination) offer distinguished global scholars the opportunity to build collaborative partnerships with Stanford faculty and students.

**Public Events**: Lectures, conferences, film screenings, and other free events bring eminent artists, writers, and public intellectuals to the Stanford campus to address major subjects in the humanities and arts.