Oakley Center for the Humanities and Social Sciences
Williams College

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Christophe Koné

Associate Director

Krista Birch


The Oakley Center supports multidisciplinary research through a variety of programs. It provides resident fellowships for selected Williams faculty on leave, retired faculty, and students. The center mounts symposiums involving Williams faculty and distinguished visiting scholars. By bringing together scholars from different fields, the center creates opportunities to generate insights less readily available to individuals working in isolated areas of specialization through sustained intellectual collaboration and exchange.

Visiting Fellows
Occasionally, a Visiting Fellowship will be awarded to a member of the faculty of a neighboring educational institution (Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, for example). Candidates will normally be nominated by the Dean of Faculty or equivalent administrator at the applicant's home college. Visiting Fellows will be expected to participate fully in the Fellows' programs. Visit the organization's website for complete program information.