Moroccan Institute of Advanced Studies
Mohammad V University of Rabat

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Abdellatif Bouazza Professor of Economics


The Institute of Advanced Studies plays a key role in the life of The University Mohammed V in Rabat. Fostering cross-disciplinary and collaborative research activities are the hallmark of the Institute. The Institute of Advanced Studies provides a wide range of programs and activities across all disciplines. The Institute serves as a focus for the wider dissemination of ideas through encouraging new research, hosting visits from scholars and distinguished professionals outside of the academy, including artists and public intellectuals, who can contribute to research and stimulate public debate on contemporary issues. The Institute also provides programs for post-graduate students and early career researchers. The Institute’s commitment to community engagement and public humanities provides an avenue for sharing research activities with the community at large through public lectures and forums. The Institute offers visiting fellowships in conjunction with areas of strategic importance at Mohammed V University. The Institute collaborates with a number of key institutional partners and and it is supported by the French network of institutes of advanced studies (RFIEA) and the university agency of la francophonie (AUF). External Fellowship: A fellowship at IMEA offers a unique opportunity to pursue your own research project in an inspiring international and multidisciplinary environment. An IMEA fellowship has a distinct focus on career development for especially young talented researchers, offering both academic mentorship, career development in transferable skills and opportunities to organize large-scale multidisciplinary and international conferences.