Mahindra Humanities Center
Harvard University

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Homi Bhabha Anne F. Rothenberg Professor of the Humanities

Executive Director

Steven Biel Senior Lecturer in History and Literature


Mary Halpenny-Killip


The Mahindra Humanities Center is a crossroads for interdisciplinary discussions among Harvard faculty, faculty from other area institutions, graduate students, undergraduates, and the public. It sponsors lectures, panels, readings, conferences, workshops, and seminars on a wide range of topics. It also supports informal occasions for the exchange of ideas and the sharing of scholarly and artistic work. The Mahindra Center seeks to foster collaborations between the humanities, social sciences, and sciences in the belief that the humanities make a unique contribution in establishing -- through interpretation and conversation -- communities of interest and climates of opinion.

Postdoctoral Fellowships
The Mahindra Humanities Center invites applications for one-year postdoctoral fellowships in connection with the Center’s new Andrew W. Mellon Foundation seminar on the topic of violence/non-violence. The call to arms and the politics of non-violent resistance are often represented as polarities. There are, however, many gray areas that define the dialectical relationship between violence and non-violence. The university-wide seminar, in which the postdoctoral fellows will play a central role, will explore a different dimension of the interrelationship between violence/non-violence—as disciplinary formation, historical event, ideological or ethical discourse—in each of the next three years. In 2014-15, the seminar will focus on war. Visit the organization's website for complete program information.