Leslie Center for the Humanities
Dartmouth College

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Rebecca Biron


Mary Fletcher


To become a site of innovation and excellence in the humanities, with a strong commitment to interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary study and innovation.

To host or organize conferences, symposia, seminars, performances and exhibitions.

To house and fund both Dartmouth faculty fellows and visiting scholars and artists in residence.

To improve campus coordination and publicity for the humanities, and actively pursue interdisciplinary cooperation with all Dartmouth departments and programs.

To undertake collaborative ventures wherever possible with other campus centers, foundations and institutes (e.g. Rockefeller, Montgomery, Dickey), and to seek ongoing connections with the Hood Museum and the Hopkins Center for the Performing Arts.

To involve Dartmouth students in humanities-related and interdisciplinary activities; to foster student initiatives and contact with Dartmouth faculty as well as visiting academics and artists.

To give Dartmouth a role commensurate with its high aspirations in shaping the intellectual and artistic world of the twenty first century.