International Institute for Asian Studies
Leiden University

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Philippe Peycam Professor
Xiaolan Lin


The International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS) is a national and global research organisation and knowledge exchange platform based in Leiden, The Netherlands. IIAS is closely associated with Leiden University.

IIAS initiates and promotes interdisciplinary and trans-sectoral collaborative programmes that engage partners in - and with - Asia, in the world. The Institute seeks to promote a contextualized understanding of Asian realities and to pioneer new approaches to the studies of Asia and the 'Asian factor' in a changing global environment. It does so through an array of activities in the realms of research, education, publications, dissemination, network development, institutional support, and services to the community outside academia. It seeks to contribute to a culturally and socially-informed, policy-relevant, knowledge on/in/with Asia.

For more information:

Twice yearly, IIAS offers its international postdoctoral fellowship programme on Asian Studies. For more information:

In addition, IIAS is the Secretariat of the International Convention of Asia Scholars (ICAS), the largest gathering event of scholars and knowledge practitioners working on/in/with Asia. ICAS events are organised biennially in Asia or elsewhere in the world. For more information:

Finally, IIAS facilitates a number of consortium-based educational initiatives that experiment with experiential, situated, globally connected knowledge: