Institute of Advanced Studies
University of São Paulo

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Guilherme Ary Plonski

Deputy Director

Roseli de Deus Lopes

Academic Assistant

Rafael Borsanelli
Richard K. Meckien


To research and to comprehensively discuss fundamental issues of science, technology, the arts, and other areas of knowledge, stimulating the generation of new ideas and contributing to the analysis of social issues and the development of public policies.

Visiting professors: foreigners interested in temporarily integrating the IEA must submit an interdisciplinary research project. Proposals should include bold contributions in the fields of science, culture and society, and contain a plan of activities to be developed, preferably in touch with the Institute's research groups. The applicants are hoped to be researchers of recognized merit, with potential to develop various academic activities at the IEA and USP. At the end of their contract they should submit a report of the undertaken activities and obtained results. Open for application throughout the year.