Institute for Population and Social Research, Mahidol Migration Center
Mahidol University

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Aree Jampaklay

Director of the Mahidol Migration Center (MMC)

Sureeporn Punpuing
Malee Sunpuwan

Research Associate

Sudarat Musikawong


Established in 1971, the Institute for Population and Social Research (IPSR) is one of Asia's premier population research and training hubs. The Institute conducts research and provides training in population and development and explores their relationship to the social, economic, reproductive health, medical and public health fields. This allows the Institute to help address emerging issues for Thailand and neighboring countries in south-east Asia and beyond, with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of life for all. The Institute's 6 major research clusters are: 1.Society, Population and Family Changes; 2.Population Ageing; 3.Sexuality, Gender, Reproductive Health, HIV/AIDS; 4. Population, Environment and Health; 5.Migration, Urbanization and Labor; and 6. Research Methodology.

Mahidol Migration Center (MMC)[] was established in 2010 under the IPSR's research cluster on Migration, Urbanization and Labour. Our missions go along with the IPSR, which are: 1. Conduct theoretical and applied research in migration to address national policy and local issues which is relevant and meets international standards; 2. Produce and disseminate information on migration research to policy makers and the public using modern channels of communication and on a timely basis; and 3. Strengthen existing networks and recruit new allies at the national and international level.