Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities
University of Edinburgh

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Lesley McAra

Administrative Manager

Ben Fletcher-Watson

Institute Administrator

Pauline Clark


The goals of the Institute, which was established in 1970, are to promote scholarship in the Humanities, and wherever possible to foster interdisciplinary enquiries. All matters concerning the human condition and culture fall within its range of interest, excluding only those which need the support of laboratories. The Institute acts as a catalyst, bringing together people from different walks of life to explore common problems, from diverse perspectives. Experts from home and abroad, from industry, commerce, government and the media, alongside scholars and research specialists, regularly take part in discussions of topical issues. In this way traditional boundaries and approaches can be transcended and understanding enhanced between disciplines.


IASH Visiting Research Fellowships of 2-6 months are advertised annually with a deadline of the end of February. In addition we offer a number of Postdoctoral Bursaries (deadline in April) for Fellowships of 2-10 months, as well as a number of named Fellowships, such as the American Philosophical Association Fellowship. Full details of all the schemes are published on the IASH website.