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Elizabeth Otto Full Professor of Modern and Contemporary Art

Executive Director

Christina Milletti

Program Administrator

Maki Tanigaki


The University at Buffalo (UB) Humanities Institute promotes innovative cross-disciplinary research, teaching, and community programs in the humanities. While the Institute is committed to a broad conception of the humanities, its distinctive focus is on original, theoretically informed thinking and experimental art. It aspires to be a venue where intellectual, aesthetic, and political avant-gardes intersect and create a dynamic cultural life for the university and the city. The Institute builds on the rich tradition of ground-breaking research and innovative arts which have brought UB and the city of Buffalo widespread recognition. Its endeavors are supported by UB's outstanding library resources and by collaboration with local cultural institutions.

The Humanities Institute sponsors a diverse range of programs and research projects designed to promote cross-disciplinary collaboration, foster new ways of thinking, and create a vibrant intellectual community among UB students, faculty, and the citizens of the greater Buffalo area. These programs include public lectures, annual scholarly conferences, collaborative research, fellowships, and community-wide initiatives, such as the Buffalo Humanities Festival.

The UB Humanities Institute is proud to continue Buffalo's remarkable legacy of thriving cultural communities, which have provided a home to so many renowned intellectuals and artists. These include, among others, influential critics: Michel Foucault, Michel Serres, Leslie Fiedler; eminent architects: Frank Lloyd Wright, Louis Sullivan, Fredrick Law Olmsted, Eliel and Eero Saarinen; legendary composers: Morton Feldman, Leo Smit, Lejaren Hiller; cutting-edge film makers: James Blue (documentary), Boguslav (Woody) Vasulka, Paul Sharits, Tony Conrad; and famous artists and writers: Samuel R. Delany, Cindy Sherman, Charles Olson, Robert Creeley, John Barth, Raymond Federman, Ishmael Reed, Carl Dennis, Susan Howe, Joyce Carol Oates, and Nobel Prize winner J.M. Coetzee.

UB Libraries Special Collections Fellowships

The UB Humanities Institute, in collaboration with the UB Libraries, is offering three fellowships for visiting scholars and graduate students working on their dissertations to use the UB Libraries' outstanding Special Collections, which include, among others, The Poetry Collection, The University Archives and The University's 20,000 volume Rare Book Collection.

Visit the organization's [website] ( for complete program information.