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Prafulla Kar Professor


Lajwanti Chatani


The Forum on Contemporary Theory is a registered society and trust dedicated to the promotion of the humanities and critical social sciences under the broad rubric of theory. It organizes academic programs in collaboration with universities in India and abroad in areas of inter-disciplinary studies, and publishes an international peer-reviewed journal called Journal of Contemporary Thought. Its objective is to foster dialogue among scholars across disciplines in areas of contemporary relevance.

It was supported by a grant from the Ford Foundation from 2005 to 2013. The grant included support for setting up in Baroda Centre for Contemporary Theory with a well-equipped library and research staff, fellowships for Indian scholars and South Asia scholars. But as the Ford Foundation has withdrawn support for higher education, the grant could not be renewed. Currently, Professor Arjun Appadurai from New York University is supporting it through a small annual grant for a period of 5 years. The Forum is perhaps the only institution in India fully dedicated to theoretical studies and research.