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Innovation and Scientific Director

Maria Giulia Marini
Luigi Reale
Paola Chesi


The Health and Wellbeing Area of ISTUD Foundation plans and realizes research activities for management of diagnostic, therapeutic, and rehabilitative paths in care processes. Furthermore, it is an education centre provider for the Continuing Medical Education and a MIUR (Ministry of Education, University, and Research) licensed research centre, dealing with the improvement of care through developing single professionals, care teams, and organizations.

The Health and Wellbeing Area is committed to comprehend organizational dynamics in Public and Private Health in order to develop a management attentive to sustainability and able to connect real needs and values of patients, professionals, and healthcare managements.

The research of Health and Wellbeing Area is dedicated to:

Listening, comprehending, interpreting, and quantifying the needs of patients, their families, and healthcare operators to achieve a balance between efficient care pathways and efficiency in healthcare structures. Contributing to spread the humanization of cares. Studying integrated sustainable models between people and healthcare service. Studying balances between regionalization and centralization of National Healthcare System.