Centre for Integrated Research on Culture and Society (CIRCUS)
Uppsala University

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Claes-Fredrik Helgesson Professor of Technology and Social Change

Project Coordinator

Ingrid Berg


Mella Köjs


Starting operations in 2019, CIRCUS is tasked to foster cross-cutting research collaborations across subjects, disciplines and faculties within Uppsala University with a focus on humanities and social sciences. The core operation is the facilitation to create and develop of cross-cutting constellations around themes that are, mostly, researcher defined. This includes support to research networks and project groups involving some funding for coordination and events alongside assistance from the offices of CIRCUS where we provide meeting rooms, administrative support, and mentoring. Currently, CIRCUS supports some 20 such constellations. In addition, we offer support for smaller endeavors such as seminar series, workshops, etc.

A complementary focus for CIRCUS is capacity building as regards cross-cutting research collaborations involving humanities and social sciences. CIRCUS to this effect takes an active interest in the development and dissemination of knowledge about the possibilities and challenges of inter-disciplinary research endeavours. This is done through activities for sharing experiences across our cross-cutting endeavours as well as through listening in on and disseminating insights from research about interdisciplinary research.