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Nick Miller Professor of History

Member, Executive Committee

Tony Roark

Member, Executive Committee

Lisa Brady

Member, Executive Committee

Leslie Durham


The Arts and Humanities Institute at Boise State will not only sustain the traditional work of arts and humanities, but also champion their importance. Its mission is to

  • bridge the arts and the humanities in transformative ways;
  • promote creative and humanistic collaborations across all areas of inquiry;
  • embody and advance the cultural, ethical, and aesthetic values necessary to flourishing democratic societies;
  • exemplify engaged, life-long learning for our students, our faculty, the community and the region.


The AHI will bring together disciplines that differ in their modes of expression but share common interests and methods of inquiry: the fine and performing arts, letters, languages, history, and philosophy. Moreover, it will benefit scholars, artists, and practitioners in all disciplines, as well as students and community members of diverse interests and backgrounds.

Primary Functions

The AHI will:

  • provide programs that fulfill the mission of the AHI for local and visiting scholars and artists, students, and community members;
  • fund activities related to the collaborative mission of the AHI;
  • serve as an administrative hub for mission-related grant facilitation and management, exhibits, research and creative activities, performances, lectures, publicity, and community outreach activities.