Networks are organized by members of the CHCI who form a group around a shared interest or topic, and typically offer programs, activities, and resources to its members.

Networks often arise from informal connections that members form at Annual Meetings and other gatherings. A Network can engage a discipline or methodology, such as the case of the Health and Medical Humanities Network. A Network can be formed to create community within a geographical region, such as our past Asia New Humanities Network, or to create a sense of shared identity and purpose across diverse institutions, such as our Public Humanities Network.

Once an informal group wishes to become a more formalized entity and have one or more individuals willing to lead the group, they can apply for Network status.


CHCI recognizes that there is an administrative and financial cost associated with leading a Network, particularly the time and labor required of the primary leader and their staff to plan and implement Network activities. We unfortunately cannot offer annual funds to support the administration of Networks, but CHCI staff will be in regular contact with each Network to discuss the ways we can promote your activities and calls to the membership, as well as organize the products of your activities so that the membership can access them.

CHCI is committed to supporting networks in the following ways:

  • We will publicize your Network and encourage our membership to join and participate.

  • Our Membership Activity Fund (MAF) is available to Networks to request project funding of up to $5,000 USD annually.

  • Each network may offer three 3-year CHCI memberships annually to partner organizations who have not previously held a CHCI membership. Please inform CHCI staff of each instance.

  • We will offer time and space for programming during in-person membership-wide events, such as the Annual Meeting. The Annual Meeting Board Committee, which curates the program for each conference, typically begins their process following the previous Annual Meeting, and CHCI staff will contact Network leaders at that time with more information.

  • CHCI staff will act as an active liaison between Network leadership and the wider membership for general communications, including calls for events and opportunities.

  • We are able to provide a Google Group for your Network through our domain chcinetwork.org. This Google Group can function as a one-way communication tool for announcements, or as a dynamic listserv.

  • Our Annual Report will highlight Network activities from the previous year.


  • CHCI staff will act as an active liaison between Network leadership and the wider membership for general communications, including calls for events and opportunities.

  • Networks independently implement their activities and maintain their own communications, including a mailing list.

  • Networks will have a landing page on the CHCI website created by CHCI staff, and CHCI staff will update this page with any Network products throughout the year. In addition to their CHCI pages, some Networks choose to host their own independent websites to create more detailed content, to share readings and other resources, etc., but this is not required.


The leaders of a CHCI Network must belong to the CHCI membership and must be a Center/Institute Faculty Director or Staff Administrator. We require a chair who will act as a liaison to CHCI staff, and we recommend at least three steering committee members. The Network chair and CHCI staff should remain in regular contact about Network activities and timelines. We encourage you to consider geographical and disciplinary diversity when forming your leadership team. In addition, we encourage but do not require each Network to set term limits for its leaders.


Forming a Network: Please submit the following information to info@chcinetwork.org by April 1 or September 1 of each year in order to receive consideration for formal CHCI Network status. Your proposal will be reviewed by the CHCI International Advisory Board, which will offer feedback as needed, and will then present a recommendation to the board on your Network status at the next meeting of the Board.

  • Network name

  • Network leadership names and institutions, including one primary leader who has agreed to act as chair

  • Network leadership term limits (optional)

  • Description of the focus and goals for the Network (300 words max)

  • Any additional questions or comments

Annual check-in: We ask that existing and active CHCI Networks submit a brief and informal report with any changes to network status or leadership by the first of September of each year. CHCI staff will send a reminder to send your submission to info@chcinetwork.org and include the following:

  • Any changes to the network’s active status

  • Any changes to network leadership or leadership term limits

  • Optional report on previous year’s network activities especially those CHCI may have missed (optional, 300 words max)

  • Optional outline of the upcoming year’s network activities (optional, 300 words max)

  • Any additional questions or comments

Dissolving a Network: We understand that groups may accomplish their purpose or decide to end their activities. At any point in the year, please let us know if you would like to dissolve your Network by contacting us at info@chcinetwork.org. On the other hand, if a group would like to continue working but they need assistance through a transition, CHCI staff and the board are available to discuss ways to carry forward the mission and goals of your Network, including suggesting other potential leaders should the need for the Network arise again in the future. Any action that needs to be taken involving the dissolving or reorganizing of your Network will be discussed at the following meeting of the Board.


For any questions regarding this process, please contact CHCI Membership and Diversity Officer Aaron Fai, who is the staff liaison for our Networks, at info@chcinetwork.org.