2016 Annual Meeting

Area Studies in a Globalizing World: Past, Present, and Future
School of Advanced Study, University of London
28 June – 1 July 2016

In Memory of Srinivas Aravamudan

Area Studies in a Globalizing World: Past, Present, Future will explore the transformation of regional knowledge in the context of increasingly globalized humanities networks. The meeting’s theme reflects the understanding that a global approach – one that sets out from the acknowledgement of multiple languages, cultural conditions, and institutional formations – affects all aspects of scholarship in the humanities. The ongoing urgency of regional expertise, the need for translation and related questions of translatability, and the precarious state of linguistic diversity will be central areas of inquiry. Roundtables and workshops also will consider the relations between government agencies, scholarly societies, private foundations, and universities. London, the site of this year’s annual meeting, is a key location for the convergence of professional, governmental, and academic worlds, both today and in the past. The meeting will draw upon these resources, convening scholars and government leaders in order to consider the place of regional work in the time of globalization.

Area Studies in a Globalizing World: Past, Present, Future emerges within the context of CHCI’s ongoing project of internationalization and the formation of regional humanities networks in Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, and Latin America. This annual meeting is dedicated to the memory of Srinivas Aravamudan, former president of CHCI, whose vision for CHCI as a leading voice in the global humanities transformed the organization. The meeting recognizes the promise of his vision and offers a further step towards fulfilling it.

Program Schedule & Meeting Venue

The full program schedule can be accessed by clicking this link. More details about the meeting venue are accessible here.

Optional Activities

Optional visits to a choice of venues include visits to the British Library, the British Museum, and the National Archives; except for the last option, all the other activities take place on Friday 1 July:

Option 1: Tour of Senate House Library
Curated tour of Senate House Library's Shakespeare 400th anniversary exhibition, led by Dr. Karen Attar. 
Fee: No charge, but must register using the CHCI meeting registration form
Tour A: Friday, 1 July, 10:00am - 11:30am (limited to 20 people)
Tour B: Friday, 1 July 12:00pm - 1:00pm (limited to 20 people)

Option 2: Tour of British Library
Curated tour of the British Library with a focus on its imaging facilities and a presentation on digitalisation projects by Dr. Aquiles Alencar Brayner.
Fee: No charge, but must register using the CHCI meeting registration form
Tour A: Friday, 1 July, 10:30am - 12:00pm (limited to 20 people)
Tour B: Friday, 1 July, 2:00pm - 3:30pm (limited to 20 people; this tour was recently added) 

Option 3: Day Trip to Kew
Curated tour of the National Archives and a visit to Kew Gardens, with transportation to and from Senate House
Fee: US$ 65 and must register using the CHCI meeting registration form
Tour: Friday, 1 July, departs 9:30am from Senate House and returns by 4:30pm (limited to 20 people)

Option 4: Senate House Library (free one-day pass)  
Senate House Library is offering free one-day pass to all registered meeting delegates to enable you to see and use one of London's iconic research libraries. This day pass can be used at any time during the Annual Meeting. Instructions to pre-register follows:
1. Go to: http://www.senatehouselibrary.ac.uk/membership/online-pre-registration
2. Fill out the form and in the space marked "Type of Membership", choose option "Other UK or overseas university"
3. Once the pre-registration form is submitted, your name will be added to the Snate House Library system. When you arrive at the library, present your ID and the free pass will be issued on site.

Travel and Lodging

There are various options available with the Grange Hotel Group, Imperial Hotel Group, and others. Click here for more information.

Schedule of Fees & Registration

Registration fee covers up to 5 delegates from your CHCI member institution to attend the meeting, but does not include the meals and other optional items.

Early Bird Registration US$ 120 per member institution
Late Registration (1 April to 31 May) US$ 170 per member institution
Conference Dinner, optional (Thurs 30 June, 7:00pm) US$ 75 per person
Tours, optional (Fri 1 July; see above for details) Varies

Online registration is now closed; on-site registration will be available.

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