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Virtual Event—21世紀批判性策展:公共空間、新媒體以及地緣政治 / Critical Curatorial Practices in the 21st Century: Public Space, New Media and Geopolitics

Transit Asia Research Network (TARN) was established in 2023 with a common agenda focused on “Conflict, Justice, Decolonization,” and to bring together transnational scholars, students, artists, and NGOs for collaborative activities. While TARN's steering committee and primary in-person activities are based in Asia, our agenda addresses transnational forms of conflict and social inequality, and we seek a network membership that reflects the global nature of our concerns.

活動簡介 / Introduction:


In response to the profound transformations and complex challenges of the 21st century, what strategies can curatorial artists employ to tackle global and local issues? What are their perspectives on curatorial practices in this era? How can curatorial practices intervene in public spaces and question history? How can contemporary new media and virtual spaces serve as mediums for curation? How can curation serve educational purposes? Are museum spaces becoming restrictive, or do they still possess the power to shape community dynamics? Amidst the current global geopolitical changes, can curatorial practices also consider the limitations of artists' identity politics? To delve into these questions, we have invited three cross-local curatorial artists to participate in this online forum, sharing their past artistic experiences and collectively contemplating the potential dimensions of critical curation in the 21st century. We have also invited art educators to join in discussing these issues.

講者 / Speakers:

  • Wen-Shu Lai | Professor/Director, Institute of Applied Arts, NYCU, Taiwan
  • Karin G. Oen-Lee | Senior Lecturer, Head of Art History, School of Humanities, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  • Shwetal Ashvin Patel | Ph.D. Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton, UK

主持人 / Moderator:

  • Joyce C.H. Liu | Professor/Director, International Center for Cultural Studies, NYCU, Taiwan

與談人 / Discussants:

  • tammy ko Robinson | Associate Professor, Hanyang University
  • Hwa-Jen Tsai | Assistant Professor, Institute of Social Research and Cultural Studies, NYCU, Taiwan

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*活動將以英文進行 / The lecture will be held in English.