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International Center for Cultural Studies Co-Hosting “Toward Decolonizing Cold War Knowledge: Facing Contemporary Border Politics”

The International Institute for Cultural Studies (IICS), in collaboration with the Flying University of Transnational Humanities (FUTH) – a consortium of Sogang University (South Korea), University of Pittsburgh (USA), Cornell University (USA), University of Tampere (Finland), University of Leipzig (Germany), National Chiao Tung University (Taiwan) – and supported by the International Program in Inter-Asia Cultural Studies (IACS) of the University System of Taiwan (UST) are jointly hosting a summer school for graduate students and postdocs from July 9–13, 2018 in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

Each year beginning in 2010, the FUTH has gathered graduate students and postdocs in the humanities and social sciences across the globe for a summer school centering on presentations by leading scholars as well as by PhD students and postdocs. As a truly transregional collaboration, it profits from the willingness of participants to share the core argument of their current research project and to situate it in a global context.

At a moment when knowledge is touted as capital’s new value while knowledge workers are rendered increasingly superfluous, when wages are mediation of exploitation yet continue to sustain life’s need for most, when gender is mainstream yet at war with old sex and new sexualities, when planetary life is endangered in ways inextricable from competitive markets, when memories of past trauma become the technique of governmentality, when various forms of border politics are still operating in different corners of our societies, this is a time to congregate and learn from each other anew. The summer school is a quora for addressing what and how of decolonizing knowledge amongst and between different sites in the region (inter-Asia) and beyond (intra-oceanic and inter-continental). Here is the schedule for this week's events:

More information is also available on the project website.