CHCI Leadership News

I am delighted to share CHCI's leadership plan for the next seven years. At the recent Annual Meeting, Sara Guyer stepped down as President of CHCI and the Consortium’s International Advisory Board has now appointed Javier Durán (University of Arizona) and Darryl Harper (Amherst College) as Co-Presidents to lead the organization until the end of June 2023. On July 1, 2023, Stephen Best, Director of University of California Berkeley’s Townsend Center for the Humanities, will become CHCI President for a six-year term. UC Berkeley will continue to host CHCI staff and operations during this period.

At our Annual Meeting in May, we had a chance to express to Sara Guyer how grateful we are for her service as President since 2016. Her impact on the Consortium has been immeasurable, and resulted in major growth in global membership as well as the scope and capacity of our international collaborations. I want to take this opportunity to add my own thanks to Sara for the privilege I have had to work with her over the last six years. I would like to also thank Ranjana Khanna, who chaired the CHCI Presidential Appointment Committee and steered us through this transition process.

I now look forward to working with Javier Durán and Darryl Harper and I invite you to join me in welcoming them as Co-Presidents. Javier and Darryl will lead us for the next year during an important phase for CHCI, as we push forward with projects and initiatives that are critical to the future of the Consortium. We have already begun working on some of those, including the preparation of our 2023 Annual Meeting in Chile, our ongoing efforts to provide greater support to and involvement of the membership and its networks in our programs, and the development of our DEI initiative with a focus on inclusivity within the membership and our current and future programs.

Thanks to Javier and Darryl, all those projects are in very good hands, and Stephen Best can look forward to developing his vision for the Consortium based on their generous and courageous stewardship.

Finally, many thanks to the CHCI membership, for being part of this community as we begin this new chapter.

Guillaume Ratel

CHCI Executive Director