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The CHCI Administration Network is a home for humanities center and institute staff to discuss issues of administration, including leadership and best practices in operations. We welcome all administrative staff, including but not limited to associate and managing directors, assistant directors, communications and program officers and staff, and also directors in administrative roles.

The programs of this network currently include (1) a Google Group that will serve as a discussion board for center and institute staff to field immediate administrative questions and obstacles, and (2) a one-on-one peer mentorship program for administrative positions. Additionally, this network will help shape the program for member-led programming at each Annual Meeting, as well as hold other events throughout the year as desired.

Google Group
Join the conversation on our listserv through Google Groups! This is our network’s space to discuss issues of administration, including leadership and best practices in operations. Our steering committee will actively manage, and archive posts in order to create a lively, active, and safe environment for conversations.

Joining & Preferences

  • Joining: Our listserv is located at To join the group, visit the group page and request to join. Alternatively, visit and search for the group name “” in the search bar. Either way you reach the page, click “Ask to Join Group” and a group administrator will grant you access.
  • Google / Non-Google Emails: Members who subscribe with an email account managed through Google are encouraged to use Google's web view ( to interact with the list. Within the web view, email threads will be displayed as topics. You may reply directly within a thread, or begin your own topic by starting a new thread, or “new conversation.” Members who wish to subscribe with a non-Google account will interact with the list via email.
  • Subscription Preferences: By default, when you join a Google Group your settings are set to send you each individual post as an email. We recommend updating your email subscription preferences by clicking on "My Membership Settings" and select to receive new posts and comments as a digest, abbreviated, or or not at all. There is also an option to uncheck a box for subscribing to updates to conversations where you have contributed a post.

We’re sorry that you’re experiencing technical difficulties with this group. Please first consult Google’s instructions for joining and managing a Google Group membership. If you continue to have trouble, please contact Aaron Fai,, CHCI Membership and Diversity Officer.

Conduct & Harassment Policy
By joining and participating in our listserv, you are agreeing to the terms of CHCI’s Anti-Harassment Policy. We reserve the right to remove subscribers and/or refuse subscription at any time without warning or explanation. We offer these additional guidelines for the purposes of this listserv:

  • All communication on the listserv should be professional, respectful, and constructive. Inevitably there will be disagreements on different topics, but before responding to a message carefully consider whether your response might make the listserv seem an unsafe or unwelcoming space for particular individuals, their voices, and their communities.

  • Recognize and acknowledge your positionality. We all come from different backgrounds and experiences, and some of those backgrounds and experiences are more privileged than others. Work to create space for people with different perspectives and experiences from your own, especially if they have been excluded or marginalized in the discussion.

  • Avoid contacting individuals on the listserv directly with critical or argumentative content unless their message to the listserv specifically welcomes that interaction. While such communication can have the best intentions, when unsolicited it can also feel like a targeted effort to silence or limit their voice in the discussion.

  • Avoid sending spam, advertisements of products or services, solicitations, or other postings with commercial purpose.

  • Avoid sending any copyrighted material to the listserv.

  • Avoid uploads and certainly large attachment files to the listserv.

  • Please do not send subscription requests to the list address itself; reference the available instructions for subscription changes.

These instructions were borrowed and modified from The Narrative Society.

Steering Committee

CHCI values this network as a core part of the consortium and it will be sustained by the board and staff. The steering committee will be occupied by at least one board member and one staff member in addition to individuals from the membership.

Current committee:

  • Board chair, Jennifer Ho (CU-Boulder)
  • Caitriona Curtis (Trinity)
  • Aimee Germain (Syracuse)
  • Aaron Fai (CHCI, UC Berkeley), staff liaison

If you have any questions, please contact Aaron Fai,, CHCI Membership and Diversity Officer.