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Ilyse Morgenstein Fuerst Associate Professor of Religion

Program Coordinator

Ande Tagliamonte


The Humanities Center invests in the humanities and fine arts, promoting excellence and innovation in scholarship and pedagogy through research, creativity, interdisciplinary collaborations, and civic engagement. We seek to strengthen the humanities and fine arts on campus and in the broader community by broadcasting the perspectives and practices of humanities and fine arts disciplines and sponsoring inclusive initiatives that generate discussion and critical reflection on important issues in public and intellectual life. We also aim to provoke and facilitate opportunities for reciprocal and self-reflexive interventions that bring communities and university-based partners together for study and analysis. We aim increase understanding of the relevance of the humanities and fine arts in the ongoing construction of a just and democratic society.

The Center has a number of funding opportunities for faculty and students to participate in interdisciplinary research and scholarship, as well as several public humanities initiatives, including a Mayor's Book Club in the city of Burlington.