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Wang Hui Professor, Department of Chinese Language and Literature
Shen Weirong
Yuan Xianxin


Tsinghua Institute for Advanced Study in Humanities and Social Sciences (TIAS) is an academic institution specializing in interdisciplinary, trans-regional, and cross-cultural research in humanities and social sciences. Our goal is to create an international platform where scholars from different intellectual backgrounds and regions can freely exchange ideas as well as explore new ways of understanding China, Asia and the world. TIAS’s permanent faculty consists of five academics across the fields of history, literature, religious studies, politics and law. In addition, TIAS hosts 2-8 fellows each year, including established and junior researchers for the time of months or one academic year, as well as short-term visiting scholars, from all over the world.

Each year TIAS offers visiting fellowship to 2-3 senior scholars, usually for between 2 to 10 months. While they are free to pursue their own research projects, the visiting fellows are expected to participate in seminars and academic events beyond their own fields of specialization. TIAS also awards postdoctoral fellowship to recent PhDs whose research is closely related to our research priorities. Each year about 2 scholars are awarded. The tenure of the postdoctoral fellowship is two years, during which the early-career scholars benefit from TIAS’s international and multi-disciplinary academic community. Additionally, from time to time, TIAS invites and financially supports short-term scholars who may give lectures or participate in seminars, workshops, conferences and other types of academic activities. Short-term scholars’ visits generally last between 1 week and 2 months.