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Cardiff University

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Martin Willis Head of the School of English, Communication and Philosophy


Keir Waddington
David Shackleton


The ScienceHumanities initiative at Cardiff University is an ambitious attempt to think and rethink the relationships and the boundaries between the sciences and the humanities.

We believe that our contemporary moment demands an urgent and rigorous reassessment of how we conceptualise disciplinary boundaries and the production of knowledge. Our work aims to respond and contribute to diverse discourses both within the academy and beyond it.

Why ScienceHumanities? We have chosen to run the two words together to emphasise our desire to think without borders. At the same time, we have decided against putting punctuation between them to avoid prescribing or caricaturing forms of relation or separation in advance.

The initiative at Cardiff is cross-disciplinary in scope with investigators and collaborators from a variety of academic specialities and institutional backgrounds. Cardiff ScienceHumanities hosts a range of events, including seminars, workshops, public talks, lectures, reading groups, and colloquia to build and develop new and emerging critical interactions between different fields of inquiry.