Teatro em Casa

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Coordinator General

Assane Alberto Cassimo

Communication Officer

Olívio Covane


Teatro em Casa is a project created by a group of theater students from the School of Communication and Arts of Eduardo Mondlane University. The initiative was launched in 2016 at the request of the public. After watching a theatrical performance presented by a group of students in one of the outlying districts of the city of Maputo, they felt the need to see them perform theatrical performances with them. Thus, the group of students saw this opportunity as a means to create the conditions for the dream to apply the theatrical techniques learned in the academy to materialize in the community.

Teatro em Casa aims to meet the following objectives: Perform theatrical presentations to the community; Encourage the emergence of theater groups in neighborhoods; Establish communication between actors, directors, playwrights, theaters in general, and the community; Create discussion platforms on theater issues; Make theater a means of promoting and discussing ideas;

In a context in which most theaters are in the main urban centers, the Teatro em Casa appears with the intention of changing this situation, taking the theater to the community, so that it has the opportunity to know the various theatrical genres, and thus interpret the artistic world and, in particular, the theatrical world in various ways. Shows already presented August 21, 2016 “Gaspar ou tortura Verbal”, piece presented in the Laulane neighborhood “Quem é o fantasma”, piece presented in the Laulane neighborhood October 2, 2016 “Um serviço perdido numa noite suja” piece performed in the Laulane neighborhood November 26, 2016 "Filoctétes", piece presented in the neighborhood of Txumene February 26, 2017 “Casado à força”, piece presented in the neighborhood of Ferroviário April 2, February 3, 2017 “O Casal Palavraki”, piece presented in the neighborhood of 3 de Fevereiro May 28, 2017 "Mintso, Festa de Preto", piece performed in the neighborhood of Mavalane July 30, 2017 “Tortura verbal”, piece presented in the neighborhood of Urbanization