Science of the Text and New Knowledge
University of Paris IV

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Xavier-L. Salvador


At the beginning of 2017, the Île-de-FranceRegion gave its support to the « Major Interest Field Of Research » (French « Domaine d’Intérêt Majeur » known as DIM) : Science of the text and new knowledge. The aim of this network is to bring together, at the regional level, institutional initiatives whose goal is to stimulate a Research for excellence in Digital Humanities, able to compete with its national and international counterparts.

The DIM « Science of the text and new knowledge » is specifically intended to support, first of all, research projects where digitized or originally belonging to numeric Culture document, archive and resources, contribute to redrawing the contours of Cultural Heritage.Research projects supported are also those that structure the digital document for exploration, mining and reconfiguration for public viewing purposes.

For innovative tools allowing an expanded use of data are mattering, it is a question of renewing the science of texts in the broad sense. Finally, the SDTCN DIM proposes to assist all research in order to take the measure of the digital revolution and the socio-cultural and cognitive changes it implies, contributing, from a multidisciplinary perspective, to the definition of an epistemology of knowledge and the ethics of their uses. Partners wishing to join the network will find an offer of services including:

- The portal, including itself several services - Various Digital Humanities Contacts in Île-de-France - An international watch of digital humanities - Resources and tools - Calls for proposals and funding opportunities