Obermann Center for Advanced Studies
University of Iowa

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Teresa Mangum Professor of Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies


Erin Hackathorn


The Obermann Center for Advanced Studies is dedicated to advancing the research mission of the University of Iowa by encouraging innovation, cross-disciplinary exchange of ideas, imaginative collaborations, and engagement with our local and global communities. Our diverse programs are designed:

To create an intellectual community that values interdisciplinary and collaborative approaches and the rigorous thought, long hours, and great passion at the heart of artistic and scholarly excellence.

To support the work of University of Iowa artists, researchers, and scholars when creative and research projects demand concentrated effort.

To foster interdisciplinary collaborations across disciplines, institutions, and locations.

To inspire faculty and graduate students to experiment with new ideas, approaches, methods, partnerships, and forms for sharing knowledge and resources.

To broaden and deepen our impact by encouraging faculty members and graduate students to share discoveries through new and re-imagined courses and curricula.

To connect the campus with city, state, and global communities through public programming and support for networks of artists, scholars, researchers, local citizens, and international colleagues.

CHCI/ACLS Partnership The Obermann Center for Advanced Studies is a participant in the CHCI/ACLS Partnership, which connects CHCI member organizations with recipients of the ACLS Recent Doctoral Recipients fellowship program. Visit http://chcinetwork.org/programs-and-projects/special-projects/chci-acls-partnership for information on this program.

With support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Digital Bridges for Humanistic Inquiry: A Grinnell College/University of Iowa Partnership will fund two postdoctoral scholars between 2015-2018.